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Recycling and waste disposal is at the core of the Connell Group's business. The 50 acre waste disposal station sits on the outskirts of Manchester and services the whole of the North West. Due to our continued attempt to ensure that we recycle as environmentally efficiently as possible there are many types of waste we encounter and different routes to take in order to recycle them.

Waste types include general waste, industrial waste, commercial waste, demolition waste, metals and scrap vehicles. Our client base spans from the general public to small businesses and large corporations. Our sister company Connell Skip Hire ensures that collection and responsible recycling come as a complete solution.

The process centres around the use of a Trommell, a screened cylinder used to separate materials by size, dividing waste into both heavy and light categories. Heavy waste is subsequently split into bricks and screen soil. The bricks are processed and later used in construction as 'crush and run'. The soil is used as under-soil in parks and gardens. Light waste is split into paper, card, plastic, wood and glass. Metals are split further and smelted down. Scrap cars, vans and waggons can also be recycled. End-of-life vehicles are processed ad de-polluting stations, draining out all pollutants. They are then stripped and re-processed.

Certificates & Accreditations


We have a full time on-site manager with full COTC Certification issued by WAMITAB.

Oldham Council

We are continually monitored by Oldham Council Environmental Health Department to ensure that our site is up to date with all practices.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency also monitor our recycling and they have issued us with both an environmental and waste management license.

Scrap Metal Recycling Association

We have full accreditation from the Scrap Metal Recycling Association.